Multi Faith Centre

Chaplains are available for spiritual care, ceremonies or just for a chat. Chaplains support the spiritual wellbeing of all students and staff irrespective of beliefs. We encourage diversity and practice mutual respect and expect all people who use the facilities to respect difference.

The Multi Faith Centre on Hawthorn campus provides faith rooms suitable for prayer, meditation and reflection. It can be used for group or individual prayer, or simply serve as a place for quiet thought. This facility is here for people of all faiths or with no faith.


Yoga, mindfulness and faith-based Student club events run regularly in the space, see what’s coming up here .


Hawthorn Campus

Swinburne Multi Faith Centre
Level 3, The George Swinburne Building.
34 Wakefield Street Hawthorn.

Wantirna campus

WB 224d is available for prayer and reflection. Call security for access. 

Opening hours

The Multi Faith Centre is open from 5am–11pm, seven days a week.  

Wanting to speak to a Chaplain?

Make an appointment to speak to a Chaplain using the system below.


For any enquires, please contact us at .

Our Team

Our team of Chaplains are here to support you if you're looking for spiritual care, community, connection or simply a conversation. To speak to any available chaplain, contact us at , drop in to the Multi Faith Centre Office (GS301) or see the list below.

The team encourages the search for meaning, respectful dialogue between differing faiths and beliefs, and supports spirituality, faith and healthy religion.

Bagoes Seta (Rev.)

Bagoes is a chaplain to all students and particularly available to international and migrant students. He is fluent in Indonesian. He occasionally visits the Hawthorn and Wantirna campuses. He is available by appointment.

Rashid Mohammed (Imam)

Rashid is chaplain to Muslim students. He occasionally visits the Hawthorn campus. He is available by appointment.

Jessica Cheung (Rev.)

Jessica is fluent in Cantonese. She particularly supports international students. Jessica occasionally visits the Hawthorn campus and is available by appointment. If you want to find people of your own language group or locate a church with a similar background, contact Jessica.

+61 4 03 380 837

Gemma Chandan (Buddhist, mindfulness)

Gemma Chandan is a senior Finance professional who has worked in various industries and multicultural environments. It was several years ago when she faced burnout, stress and anxiety that led her to explore methods of managing well-being. It was a mix of regular meditation practice and yoga that led her to recovery. It was the benefits of a changed outlook in managing day-to-day life stress that led her to commit to sharing the practice for collective wellbeing. She is a qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher having undergone a 2-year program. Gemma self-identifies as Queer and a Person of Colour. She aspires to create a container of courage and care for all communities nurturing resilient well-being. 
Gemma runs mindfulness sessions, click here to see upcoming sessions

Rabbi Bochi Broh (Jewish)

I'm the Jewish Chaplain on campus. I have spent the past 10 years travelling the world as a Rabbi, helping serve different communities in countries such as Nigeria, Serbia, Israel, Italy, Canada, US and China to name just a few. Life is short and precious, and it's my mission to bring out the best within each individual, helping people to focus on the good. 'Think good and it will be good!' Feel free to contact me whenever and wherever so together we can help make this place a world G-d would be proud to call His home.

Dr Smriti Murali Krishna (Hindu)

Smriti has been bought up with traditional Hindu spiritual values and believes that spiritual values are universal and aren't limited to a particular religion. She implements those spiritual values in all she is engaged in, including her current academic profession of medical scientific research and student mentoring.

She believes students (especially international students) are important and face lots of stress. She promotes emotional wellbeing through Art Therapy and Spiritual practices including Yoga and Meditation. She is an active member of the Australasian Mental Health Higher Education Committee and a Charter Member of the Emotional Well-Being Institute (UN, Geneva).

Joshua Teo (Christian, Protestant)

Pastor Joshua, equipped with IT and pastoral care expertise, provides practical and spiritual support to Swinburne University. With a history of serving diverse groups, he prioritizes multicultural harmony. In his role as chaplain, he offers pastoral care, interfaith dialogues, community events, and ethical guidance. Joshua's appreciation for the arts adds a dimension of student expression and reflection, aligned with his goal of nurturing unity and understanding at Swinburne.

Spiritual clubs and societies

We also have a range of spiritual clubs and societies on campus. If you’re looking to join a group with others who share your faith or to explore faith, get in contact with one that suits.