Good Vibes Experiment

The Good Vibes Experiment, build your health and wellbeing toolkit

The Good Vibes Experiment is an initiative of Flinders University that encourages students to experiment with adding wellbeing-focused activities to their everyday lives. The campaign is based on a core set of 20 evidence-based wellbeing tactics. We will use the most relevant of these tactics and encourage students to build their wellbeing toolkit. 

Thank you to Flinders University for their generosity in allowing us to use their work!

Keep your eye on the events page for more upcoming Good Vibes events.

Download the Good Vibes Experiment Activity Book here and get started on your wellbeing journey! And while you go through this book, why not get into the Good Vibes spirit with our Good Vibes Only playlist 🎶

Check out some of the Good Vibes events here: