Swinburne Yoga Club

The Swinburne Yoga Club is a vibrant and inclusive community at Swinburne University dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and mindfulness through the practice of yoga.

AOS - Academy of Street Dance

A club dedicated to create and bring Swinburne and Melbourne's dance community together.

Content Creation Club

A club focused around streaming, videomaking and other forms of content such as shorts! If you're a content creator big or small, or hoping to become one, or even just a fan of content creators this is the club for you.

Gender Agenda

Gender Agenda is a welcoming group made up of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, those who are questioning, and allies, hosting events, get-togethers & other activities.

Malayali Association Swinburne (MAS)

Malayali Association Swinburne intends to share the vibrant culture of Kerala and the beauty of the toughest language in India, Malayalam.

Malaysians at Swinburne Association

A cultural club for Malaysian students and those interested in Malaysian culture.

Performing Arts

We are the Swinburne Performing Arts Club! This March we are putting on Swinburne University's FIRST EVER PRODUCTION, 'Meddling with Time'. Come see us on the 26th of March!


PixelSwin is Swinburne's photography club! We foster an engaging, lively, and active community of photographers and enthusiasts alike. All skill and experience levels are welcome!

planetUNI Swinburne

At planetUNI we believe that university life is much more than just libraries, examinations, and tutorials. We are a student club associated with Planetshakers Church and we would love to meet YOU!

Politically Speaking

Politically Speaking is a club for anyone who loves discussing politics to meet & engage with students across the political spectrum. The aim is to provide a space for respectful, productive discussions on various political issues.

PPIA Swinburne

Indonesian Student Association at the Swinburne University of Technology. A club for Indonesians and non-Indonesians who are interested in Indonesian culture.

Socialists Swinburne

We're a left wing socialist club for students interested in activism, Marxist politics, anti-capitalism, advocacy, campaigns and more! We also host political discussions about left wing politics, history and theory from a Marxist perspective!

SWeebs (Swinburne Anime Club)

Do you like anime? Do you want to meet new friends and talk about anime? Then join the Swinburne Weebs known as the SWeebs! We do all things anime!

Swift Swin Speed Gamers

Swinburne Speed Running is a club for people to tackle speed runs on the official speed running website (gaming)

Swin Badminton Club

Serve, smash, score! Whether you're a novice or a pro, the Swin Badminton Club offers a welcoming space for all to connect, play, and share their passion for the sport. See you on the court! 🏸

Swin Bowling Club

Welcome to Swinburne Bowling Club! Whether you're a pro or just starting out, our club offers a fun, inclusive environment. Join us for events, friendly competitions, and the chance to improve your bowling skills. Everyone's welcome!