Swinburne Alternative Film Club

Is Cinema more important than Life? Without any hesitance, Francois Truffaut replied yes. For most of today’s cinema goers or netflix lovers, life might be more important than flickering of light.

We want you to choose Cinema for this time.

Swinburne Alternative Film Club (SAFC) is an alternative film club that pursues alternative, asymmetrical and arbitrary environment for new cinema in Melbourne.

Screenings are typically weekly, Tuesdays in AMDC 301 at 6pm.

We tend to highlight often underappreciated or older cinema that in contemporary society is often overlooked. In the process, providing members with an opportunity to experience films that one wouldn't necessarily always be screened at a cinema.

We hope to see you around!

Discord: https://discord.gg/cMRQ75HwxF

Insta: @swinburne_alternative

Contact: swinafc@gmail.com