Swinburne Alternative Film Club

Is Cinema more important than Life? Without any hesitance, Francois Truffaut replied yes. For most of today’s cinema goers or netflix lovers, life might be more important than flickering of light.

We want you to choose Cinema for this time.


Swinburne Alternative Film Club (SAFC) is an alternative film club that pursues alternative, asymmetrical and arbitrary environment for new cinema in Melbourne. There are two distinct meanings behind its name.

Firstly, it stands for “Alternative Film” club. The films screened in this club will range from silent cinema, art-house cinema, experimental cinema, The Third World Cinema and beyond. Some films may be familiar to you, while others are rare and unnoticed. 

Secondly, it opts to be “Alternative” Film Club. We not only watch films together but also share our thoughts about the films. We will sometime criticize, appraise, attack and protect them. 

*SAFC is inspired by an online film magazine Sabzian, originated in Belgium. 

In this film club, we ask our members to accomplish two tasks.

Firstly, attend weekly screenings. From here you will have opportunities to write anything (review, analysis, critique) about the films you watched. You can share your writing through the portal that the SAFC committee will provide or to the email provided.

Secondly, after your writing is received, the editors and you, too, will have a chance to select the most desirable writings.

Finally, we will make a film magazine and distribute them in the future. 

*SAFC only needs your love of cinema. Everyone who loves cinema is welcomed at all time.

Contact: swinafc@gmail.com

Instagram: @swinburne_alternative