Party In The Park Club Promo Codes

Anthony Artusa

We want to see your club at Party in the Park 2019! Student Life is excited to present your club with the opportunity to get your crew together for an awesome night at Luna Park AND raise some funds for your club!


We want to see your club at Party in the Park 2019!
Student Life is excited to present your club with the opportunity to get your crew together for an awesome night at Luna Park AND raise some funds for your club!

How it works:
Each club has a unique promo code assigned to them. Find yours below.
$5 from every ticket sold using your club's promo code will be credited back to your club to use however you like*

Swinburne Focus OCF | OCF
AOS - Academy of Street Dance | AOS
Arabic Language Club | ARABIC
AUJS Swinburne | AUJS
Behind the Game | BTG
Bhakti Yoga Club | BHAKTI
Engineers without Borders Swinburne | EWBS
Hyderabadi Club Swinburne | HYDER
Iranian Community of Swinburne University (ICSU) | IRAN
Malayali Association at Swinburne | MALAYAL
Malaysians at Swinburne Association | MSA
planetUni Swinburne | PLANET
Politically Speaking | POLI
PPIA Swinburne (Perhimpuan Pelajar Indonesia Australia) | PPIA
Reverse Engineering and Cyber Security | RECS
SBC - Swinburne Boardriders Club | BOARD
Soundfreqs (Swinburne Music Club) | FREQS
Swin Business Society | SBS
Swin Photo Club | PHOTO
Swinburne Advertising and Marketing Association | ADV
Swinburne Afro Society | AFRO
Swinburne ALP (Labor) Club | LABOR
Swinburne Archers Club | ARCH
Swinburne Architecture Students Assocation | SASA
Swinburne Aviation Society | AVIAT
Swinburne Badminton Club | BADM
Swinburne Bangladeshi Association | BANG
Swinburne Basketball Club | BBALL
Swinburne Buddhist Association | SBA
Swinburne Charcoal BBQ | BBQ
Swinburne Cheerleading and Dance Club | CHEER
Swinburne Chess Club | CHESS
Swinburne Chinese Students & Scholars Association | CHINA
Swinburne Christian Union | CHRUNI
Swinburne Community Garden | GARD
Swinburne Cricket Club | CRICK
Swinburne Croydon Campus Club | CROY
Swinburne Design Collective | DESIGN
Swinburne Drone Squad | DRONE
Swinburne Engineering Student's Society | SESS
Swinburne Entrepreneurs Club | SEC
Swinburne Esports | ESPORT
Swinburne Explorers Club EXPLOR
Swinburne Futsal Club | FUTS
Swinburne Hellenic Society (SHS) | HELLEN
Swinburne History Society | HIST
Swinburne Indian Dance Club | SIDC
Swinburne Information Security Society | INFO
Swinburne Investments Collective | INVEST
Swinburne Islamic Society | ISLAM
Swinburne Italian Club | ITAL
Swinburne Japanese Club | JAPAN
Swinburne Kannada Club (SKC) | KAN
Swinburne Korean Club | KOR
Swinburne Law Students Society | LAW
Swinburne Linux Club | LINUX
Swinburne Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics Society | MATH
Swinburne Mauritian and French Club | MAURIT
Swinburne Mechatronics Engineering | MECENG
Swinburne Media and Communications Collective | MEDIA
Swinburne Mixed Reality Club (Society of Future Reality) | MIXR
Swinburne Netball Club | NETBALL
Swinburne Pakistani Association | PAK
Swinburne PhD Club | PHD
Swinburne Physics Club | PHYS
Swinburne Poetry Club | POET
Swinburne Pop Culture Club | POP
Swinburne Punjabi Club | PUNJA
Swinburne Rocket Club (Swinburne Aerospace and Space Society) | ROCK
Swinburne Running club | RUN
Swinburne Snooker and Pool Club | POOL
Swinburne Soccer Club | SFC
Swinburne Solar Team | SOLAR
Swinburne Sri Lankan Club | SSSC
Swinburne Stage Band | BAND
Swinburne Sustainability Society | SUSTAIN
Swinburne Table Tennis Club | TABLET
Swinburne Tae Kwon Do Club | TKD
Swinburne Tinkerers Guild | TINKER
Swinburne Trivia Society | TRIVIA
Swinburne Ultimate Frisbee | ULTIMAT
Swinburne Uni AFL Club | AFL
Swinburne University Lacrosse Club | LACROS
Swinburne University Psychology and Psychophysiology Association | SUPPA
Swinburne University Snow Squad | SUSS
Swinburne University Toastmasters | TOAST
Swinburne Vegan Society | VEGAN
Swinburne Volleyball Club | VOLLEY
Swinburne Wantirna Campus Club | WANT
Swinema | SWINEMA
Table Games Society | TGS
Tamil Club | TAMIL
Tango Club | TANGO
Team Swinburne Formula SAE | TEAM
Ten Pin Bowling Club | TENPIN
The Gender Agenda | GENDER
Unicycling @ Swin | UNI
Wantirna Conversation Craft Club | WCRAFT
Wantirna Multicultural Club | WMULT
Women in STEM | STEM
Yoga and Wellbeing | YOGA

Use the flyer template to promote the event & your promo code on your social pages, in newsletters and wherever else you can to reach the most members.


The more tickets sold, the more money you will raise for your club!

*Until ticket allocations are exhausted. Limited funding available