The Swinburne Film Society

Like watching and discussing movies? Want to make films or be in films? The Swinburne Film Society includes movie nights and events/meetings where we get to make and showcase our own film projects!!


Welcome! We are the Swinburne Film Society

If you love watching, making or talking about films, this is your club. Our goal is to encourage a strong creative culture within the university as well as bring all students who are passionate about films together into a supportive and friendly environment. This is also the club for you if you simply want to know more about films or filmmaking!

Our club includes movie nights where we watch and discuss films!

For those interested in making, or even acting in films, we will also have meetings where we talk about the films we like, all get to know each other and then form groups to create our own film projects that we will showcase within the year! This is inclusive for anyone who wants to be the next Swinburne Hollywood actor/actress or director!

Whether you want to just chill and watch a movie, learn a bit about films, create your own masterpiece or be Swinburne’s next superstar, this club has something for everyone!

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