Swinburne Physics and Outer-Space Club

A club for all Swinny students interested in Physics and Outer-Space

We are Swinburne's official Physics and Outer-Space Club. This is a club for all students, whether you're from Physics, STEM, or just interested in physics and outer-space and looking to meet some friendly people! We aim to create a fun and inclusive space for social gatherings, online community activity (memes), trivia nights, professional development workshops, networking events, and fun excursions. We encourage all new Swinburne students to join our club and see what we're about. You might just find some lifelong friends and colleagues here :D Please feel free to join our discord and keep an eye out for events on our socials via our Linktree. Reach out to us at swinphysclub@gmail.com for any questions or potential collaborations!