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Preseason has begun for the Swinburne Amateur Football Club. This event is a challenge to run as much as you can to get fit for football and win some great prizes along the way.

Event details

A running event very similar to the one we ran in 2020. There will be two different events running at the same time, one focussed on speed the other on endurance.

The event will start on the 1st of March and end on the 31st of March.

The speed event will be a 2 km time trial. It can be run at any time during the period and you can have multiple attempts to better your time. To submit a run screenshot your running app and post it in the comments on our Facebook page.

The endurance challenge is a running event where you track every run you do and the person with the most kilometers covered in the period wins. To accurately track this screenshot each run and post them in the comments on our Facebook page.

Prizes will be awarded to the men and women winners of each competition with the sports pack going to the endurance challenge and the kayo voucher to the speed challenge.