Swinburne Pop Culture Club

The Swinburne Pop Culture Club is a social club aiming to provide a space for students to meet other students over casual discussions and fun events. If you’re interested in anything pop culture-related, come join us and meet other like-minded people.

The Swinburne Pop Culture Club is a social club that allows students interested in pop culture - movies, TV, gaming, books, YouTube, etc. - a space to meet others and discuss. We want to provide a safe space for people with all types of interests to come together, meet, and make friends.

Founded in 2019, we continue to learn and create more amazing events for our members. Over the last few years, we have run events such as Murder Mystery Nights, Trivia Tournaments, Games and Movie Nights, and Halloween Parties just to name a few. And we have big plans for the future.

This club will revolve around what YOU want to do - we take our AGM's seriously and want to run a club that you'll love to be a part of! Otherwise, what's the point?

Membership is free, so join today and enjoy the ride! And by ride, I mean occasional e-mails outlining future events. They're pretty fun. Probably not as good as Movie World, but we'll try our best!

For any queries, contact us via email, or through our social media pages.
Email: Swinpcc@gmail.com
Facebook: @SwinPCC
Instagram: swinpcc


11 Oct

Swinburne Pop Culture Club

UDLE, Swinburne, Hawthorn Campus

SwinPCC In-Person Games Night

Join us for our in-person games event!


Swinburne Pop Culture Club

Tenpin Bowling! - 25-Jun-2023

We're doing Tenpin Bowling at Strike! Join us at 1pm on Sunday the 25th of June, during semester break.


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