Swinburne Pop Culture Club

The Swinburne Pop Culture Club is a social club aiming to give a space for students to meet other students over some more casual activities, for those who want to do something outside of class but might not have time to fully invest in niche clubs.


The Swinburne Pop Culture Club is a social club allowing students who are interested in pop culture - movies, TV, gaming, books, YouTube, etc - a space to meet others and discuss. But really, we are just a club who will plan to organise some small, fun things to do at Swinburne between classes. I don't think we really have any general "chill out" kind of clubs yet, so that's the hole we want to fill!

We have events ranging from new movie screenings, casual game sessions with board games and Nintendo Switches, and hopefully many collaborations with other Swinburne clubs that may not be normally pop culture related, but have a one-off event with us to add a special twist - allowing us to try new activities and make new acquaintances.

This club will revolve around what YOU want to do - we take our AGM's seriously and want to run a club that you'll love to be a part of! Otherwise, what's the point?

Membership is free this year, so join today and enjoy the ride! And by ride, I mean occasional e-mails outlining future events. They're pretty fun. Probably not as good as Movie World, but I'll try my best.


Hammer and Swine

Board Games and Nintendo at the Hammer and Swine, 12.30pm - 4.30pm and open to all! Drop in and out whenever you please!

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Trivia with a video game twist! Suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers, this trivia has a variety of rounds to make the challenge fair for all! Free pizza, snacks and Duff! Run by Swinburne Pop Culture Club and Swinburne eSports.

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Our club can now confirm - all Tuesday events will be at Hammer and Swine during the day!

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