Swinburne Sustainability Society

Join to lead, advocate and implement sustainability initiatives at Swinburne.


Our main focus is advocating and actively leading to implement sustainability initiatives at Swinburne.

We aim to promote sustainability within the community, university and individuals.

Focus for 2021:
- Expansion of waste management practices at Swinburne.
- Creating a thriving community for like minded sustainable and ethical students.

Event Examples:
- Discussion Evenings
- Movie and Documentary Screenings / Group tickets
- Advocacy work
- Guest Speakers
- Site Visits
- Inter-club collaborations

We welcome all students from all courses. Diversity of skills makes up our strength in improving the sustainability of our world. Regardless of you being an FSET, FHAD, FBL, PAVE or TAFE student, we would love you to join us and take initiative together!

Instagram: @swin.sustainability
Facebook: Swinburne Sustainability Society
Discord: Swinburne Sustainability Society
Email: swinsustainabilitysociety@gmail.com