Level Up: Teamwork & Transparency

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An interactive workshop for club committee to be equipped with the knowledge and skillset to develop their team, collaborate, practice transparent communication lines, and build trust – for a stronger club committee team.

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Teamwork can seem infinitely harder than just doing the work yourself, yet it’s something we all have to do. Luckily, with a proactive approach, transparent communication and a few important questions you can lead a team much more effectively with much less conflict. Join us to learn how to get the best out of the group dynamic and avoid common pitfalls and problems of teamwork.

Workshop Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
- Discuss teamwork – successes, problems and aims
- Framework for beginning teamwork well/refocusing a group: information and activities
- Examine the role of transparency in communication and how to signal transparency
- Common problems and easy solutions

RSVP by 26th of April to receive location and access.
This workshop will be run by Matt Dune - Leadership and Volunteering Officer at Student Life who coordinates the LEAD Program

This workshop is part of the Club Growth Pack #1: Increasing Engagement.
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