Students Hacking the Future of Swinburne Communications

Kayla Morton


The Swinburne Leadership Hub is the place that unites the problem solvers and solution seekers at Swinburne! The Hackathon came about as a result of students wanting better communication from Swinburne and have greater awareness of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities available. Participants worked in teams, learning about project management and pitched a system that would better uni-wide communications.

Students were tasked with inventing systems that would better communication and help bridge the gap between the uni and its students.

Addressing concerns regarding a lack of awareness, communications and community, The Solutionaires pitched an integration with an already uni-wide used system, Canvas; where the existing calendar for tracking assignments and exams could have an added feature that highlights club events, their dates and details. Swinburne Unite combined all current Swinburne resources into one easy-to-use and digestible platform—Swinburne Unite, which would allow students access to a personalised hub for services. Feeling that Swinburne's resources lack centralisation and that students feel overwhelmed and unconnected with the current systems, Team Blazers pitched a solution that was aimed around upgrading the current Swinburne app; with aims of polishing the existing resources, incorporating an interactive interface feedback survey system and creating more awareness. SwinHive pitched their community-focused platform that acted as a roof to house all information regarding events and clubs at Swinburne.

Watch the full pitches here:

The Solutionaires (1st place): 

Swinburne Unite (2nd place): 

The Blazers (3rd place): 

SwinHive (4th place):

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First Place — The Solutionaires
Senil Hansitha Ravindranath Gunawardena
Erin Mayall
Gia Bách Nguyễn
Supitcha Wawworavit
Mohammad Shafiul Marjan Ali

Second Place — Swinburne Unite
Jerrold Wong
Brie Smith
Chloe Hooper
Sean Brown

Third Place — The Blazers
Mohammed Anas
Ahron Daniel
Ramanan Balamukundan