What is Nationals?

The low down on Nationals

UniSport Nationals is the ultimate sports competition at a Higher Education level. UniSport Nationals allow students from 43 universities across Australia to compete head-to-head in several sporting competitions. This year, over 6000 students will attend and show off their sports skills in 32 different sports.

At Swinburne, we send a squad of up to 100 of our best athletes to compete in a number of team and individual sports. This year we are looking for students for the following sports: 

    • Basketball

    • Cheerleading and Dance

    • Cricket

    • Futsal 

    • Netball

    • Ultimate Frisbee - Still confirming interest in an Ultimate Team. Stay tuned!

    • Volleyball

The 2023 UniSport Nationals will be held up in the Gold Coast from 24-29 September.

Futsal and Cricket will be competing on different dates this year. Futsal Nationals runs from 10-13 July and Cricket Nationals run in November in Adelaide.

Ready to represent Swinburne and become a Razorback? Come to tryouts !

Didn't see the sport you want to play? Here's the full list of sports you can compete in at Nationals . Please email sport@swin.edu.au if you want to play a sport we didn't mention on this page.