The road to Nationals

How to get to Nationals

It may seem like a long way away now, but really, Nationals is just around the corner! Here's a breakdown of all the important dates and steps you need to take to get to Nationals.

1. Tryouts 30 April

Time to show us what you've got! Try out for the sport (or sports) you're keen on competing in. You'll need to book a spot at tryouts and bring your game face. Tryouts will be held on Sundays beginning 30 April, until 21 May. Find out more about tryouts here .

2. Register with UniSport 1 June

The first step for officially registering for Nationals is registering with UniSport. You'll have to visit their website, input your details and make a payment. Registration cost TBC.

3. Register with Swinburne 14 June

Swinburne registrations open now! After you register with us, you'll be all signed up and officially going to the Gold Coast! We will be holding a small event on this date to help you register, try on some uniforms, get to know everybody and have a bit of a feed! There will be a payment here. Payment of up to $500 will include accommodation, the Swinburne Mega Sports Merch Pack (including a backpack, sports shirt, training shorts, water bottle, microfibre towel + more.), 1 x all-team meal and admin fees.

4. Organise your transport 1 July

Whether you'd prefer to fly or rather take a car full of your mates up to Queensland, it's time to organise your travel. We're happy for any way you want to travel, but it's important to let us know the details. So if you've booked a flight, let us know the time, day and flight number. If you're driving up, let us know who you're going with and the car's rego. 

5. Compete in Nationals 24-29 September

Now the fun begins! It's competition time. Go Razorbacks!