Why should I go to Nationals?

Reasons to go to Nationals

This year may very well be the best Nationals yet! Hungry for wins off the back of the 2023 UniSport Nationals, The Swinburne Razorbacks Squad is rearing to go! Here are a couple reasons why you should come to Nationals with us:

  • Healthy competition playing a sport you love

  • A mega dose of Swinburne Pride #razorbacksforlife

  • The rush of the win - especially when it's against the Fed Uni Falcons

  • The greatest way to make new (and lasting) friendships 

  • Accommodation for all the competition dates, included in your registration fees

  • Get your hands on the Swinburne Mega Sports Merch Pack - exclusive to those attending Nationals. This merch pack is going to be stacked full of the greatest Razor sports gear, contents TBC.

  • Nationals is in Canberra this year which is SUPER easy to travel to from Melbourne