Welcome to Semester 2!

Luke Giesemann


Greetings everyone,

Welcome to Semester 2, 2017. While I doubt many campaigns paused over the break the start of a new semester can cause a round of headaches as you adapt to new study loads and timetables. I’ll try to keep this as a brief as possible.

First, for all those who have signed up on UniOne, welcome! Hopefully we can scratch that gaming itch without losing too much study time!.

IMPORTANT: We are unveiling a new facebook group. All currently actively members are welcome to join up here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SwinburneTabletopAndRoleplayingSociety/. We’re hoping to make a fresh start at getting things going and organised. We’ve also set up a discord server at https://discord.gg/NS43wUw. Discord is a good program for setting up games over the web and chatting with each other more. We’re open for suggestions on what exactly we can do with the discord server, but jump on have a chat.

Secondly, I’d like to fill you in on what’s been happening over the holidays. STARS has secured space on campus for a storage locker. This has been a long time and a lot of effort, but on-campus storage will enable the club to expand its roster of games and terrain, and make it easier to organise events on campus without having to coordinate the return of equipment from private residences.

We’ve also been designing a logo. Sounds pretty boring I know, but it’s an important part of presenting a professional image towards potential sponsors. Sponsorship with allow us to provide tangible rewards to you guys, such as discounts at stores, free give-aways and prizes for tournaments and awards. The SSAA also looks favourably upon sponsored clubs, giving us more bargaining power when we arrange larger events.

Speaking of events, Saturday the 19th of August is our first games day of the semester, from 10 AM to 10 PM. It’ll be held in the Hawthorn Campus, but currently we’re awaiting confirmation on the room booking. Bring card, board and wargames along for a fun day, but mostly importantly bring yourself!

We’re also looking into organising events during the week, wargame meet ups, trading card times and all manner of board game confluxes. If you’re interested in seeing these events, or helping organise them, please let us know.

Indeed we’d like anyone willing to step forward to offer their time and run events to contact us. The STARS committee is a 4 man team of full and part time students. We lack the manpower to run all the events we want to. This club is about social events and community, it lives and dies based on people’s interest in helping out or just coming along.

Final note. What do you want to see? Message us at swin.rpg.society@gmail.com with ideas and suggestions. We’ll take anything!

Cheers for that!
Committee of the STARS.