Special General Meeting

James Galovic


Hello Everybody
Due to an unforeseen personal issue our secretary has had to step down as such I am officially calling a Special General Meeting of SwinAnime X S.T.A.R.S.
We need to reorganise our committee structure as soon as possible but any change to the committee needs to be voted on democratically by the members of the club so we need all of you to attend this special general meeting to vote for a resolution of the new committee structure.
The meeting will be taking place on Tuesday the 13th of March (13/03/2018) at 2:30pm in GS217 just before our Tabletop Tonight event begins.
If you’re available to attend, please do so as we need as many of our members as possible to be at this meeting because this is a very serious matter that may decide the fate of our club.
Best regards

Xander Boyle
SwinAnime X S.T.A.R.S.