Study Greek as a Swinburne Student

Dean Drossos

🇬🇷 Want to study Greek as a Swinburne student? HERE'S HOW!



Swinburne students can study Greek at La Trobe University as a cross-institutional subject, only if they are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Swinburne University

If you were wishing to undertake a cross-institutional subject at La Trobe, you must complete an Application for Outgoing Cross Institutional Study form, as well as seek faculty approval from your course coordinator

All applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the commencement of the unit of study.


Whether starting from scratch and learning Greek for the first time, to dusting off your memory from the days of Greek school, or becoming an expert in the language, there is a place for you.

At La Trobe, there are three main entry points for modern Greek Language studies:

  • GST1001 - GST3006 Complete Beginners
  • GST2003 - GST4008 Intermediate
  • GST3005 - GST4010 Post- VCE Students


Love the history and culture of Greece, but don't want to learn the language? La Trobe has you covered!

At La Trobe, the following cukture subjects are offered by Greek Studies:

  • EST2WTH Women Through History in Europe and Latin America
  • EST-ECC Ethnic and Civil Convlict in Southern Europe and Cyprus
  • ESTSTET Trans- European Translation
  • HUSSISB Study Tour in Greece (November to December)


If you're intrigued to study Greek at La Trobe, but have some concerns, feel free to reach out to us at Swinburne Hellenic Society, or you can speak with our friends at the studentHQ.

Feel free to reach out to the coorinator in charge of running the Modern Greek Studies at La Trobe University, Dr. S Nikoloudis