Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulations

  • At all times, players must be wearing proper sports equipment and attire. 
    • Non-Marking soles indoor shoes
    • Proper sports attire
    • Players are not allowed to play barefooted
  • Players must abide by fair play and abstain from anti-fairplay actions
  • Players should abstain from violence or hate inducing actions
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in and on the court
  • Alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the court
  • Food is not permitted in the gymnasium
  • Any damage to the court / property will be borne by players
  • At all times, if required, players are required to show their student id to prove they are members of Swinburne Futsal Club
  • Swinburne Futsal Club is not responsible for any injuries or accident that might occur.