Archery FAQ

Swinburne Archers Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When do you do archery?
We go every Saturday 8.45am to 12pm to the Moorabbin Archery Club in Highett for the Saturday OzBow Shoot.

Where do you do archery?
As a club, we go to the Moorabbin Archery Club, 33 Turner Rd Highett. 

How much does it cost?
The first time you go, you will have to complete the 'Come and Try' Program which costs $22. Once you have completed the program, you will be able to participate in the regular range the following week. The general cost for the Saturday OzBow is $22, however, if you are a member of  the Swinburne Archers Club you will be able to borrow our equipment which will reduce the cost to $14.
We have returned to being a free to join club for this year!

Where do I pay the $22 or $14 'range' fee?
When you arrive at the Moorabbin Archery range, you will pay the fees in the club venue, they accept cash or card - if it is your first time, email us at or message us on the Facebook group or page to let us know so that we can help you when you arrive!

How do I become a member of the Swinburne Archers Club?
Click on the 'Join or Renew' tab to the right of the home page; follow the instructions and you're in!

What do I get for being a member?
The use our club equipment at the Moorabbin Archery range which will reduce the cost of participating, as well as the option of being added into our clubs messenger chat group so you can keep up to date with ease!

How do I get a lift to the archery range?
A couple of our committee members/members offer lifts from train stations that are near their travel route. We can also orgnise to pick people up from Highett Station which is near Moorabbin Archery Club. Spots are available in a 'first in best dressed' manner - these are organised through the Facebook group.

It is a long time there, is there food?
Moorabbin has a canteen which is available during the break during the shoots. You can pay with cash or EFTPOS at the canteen.

We also go to lunch at Southland afterwards for social chats and unwinding from archery - everyone is welcome to join and we are a friendly bunch - be prepared for laughs!

Is there a limit to the equipment that I can borrow from the Swinburne club?
We do have a limited supply of equipment that people can borrow. Currently, we have 2 left-handed bow and 8 right-handed bows (with arm guards, stands, and arrows for each bow). We are in the process of acquiring more equipment as the active membership grows. You can collect the equipment from Eamonn when you get to the archery centre - like the lifts, it is on a "first in, best dressed" for getting equipment.

I have another question!
Email us at or message us on Facebook and we can answer it!