Swinburne University Snow Squad (SUSS)

The Swinburne University Snow Squad runs casual and competition trips to the Victorian Alps for all skill levels, from those who have never seen the snow right through to seasoned snowbunnies! As well as frequent and outrageous social events

**Contact Us:** Club President: Nic Berry - *president@suss.club* Vice President/Treasurer: Harrison Clarke - *vicepresident@suss.club* ***Follow us on Social Media!*** Facebook: [Suss Sendposting][1] Instagram: [@susssnowsquad][2] [1]: https://www.facebook.com/groups/462930317844018/%22Suss%20Sendposting%22 [2]: https://www.instagram.com/susssnowsquad/?hl=en/%22@susssnowsquad